Duncan Lewis & Co

1 Kingsland High Street
E8 2JS
telephone 020 7923 4020
fax 020 7923 3320
FMC unique registration number/s :
Community Legal Service

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recommended this service and commented:

This is not correct as they don't offer mediation in hackney. The switch board in Harrow transfer me to a very rude person from the Harrow Branch who was patronising and unhelpful, even though it was her colleague who transferred me to the department after I explained the situation. She said, I quote " If you go on to google and type in, find a mediation you will found a company who does mediation" with a tone like that's not what I did, which was funny because her company number is on the internet as a service that provides mediation. Duncan Lewis Co, do offer mediation and mediators will travel to your nearest office but this come at a possible cheap. I am very disappointment with the level of customer service I received as I went on to have a conversation with a colleague from another branch who was on point, helpful and very polite. The harrow branch unfortunately let down the name of Duncan Lewis Co especially the associate or junior lawyer - Sharifa Choudhury



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